Interested in Quail ? Keeping them is easy as they take up a lot less space than chooks and you can still eat their eggs or get a decent feed from them.  Also make great pets.

Our Story

We are based in the picturesque area of the Northern Tasmania, Australia.

bullet imageFrom the start it was a pair of king quails in Simon's parents backyard in the 1980's that was the beginning of Tasmanian Quail.  In 2016, Simon was the first breeder to import the rare King Quail mutations into Tasmania.  September 2019 the business was sold to Billinda and she looks forward to growing the business further.

We breed  a range of King Quail, Jumbo Japanese Quail,  Bob White Quail, Californian Quail, Chukar Partridge, Pheasants, Guinea Fowl and Mealworms. 

  In the near future we hope to expand from supplying live quail & fertile eggs,  to egg and meat production.  

Buying Quail ETC.

We have many variety's of King/Button Quail available from , Normal's to Whites and Bob Whites and Californian.

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Breeding Info

For all the help you need to get started breeding your own.

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